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Our case studies across industry sectors demonstrate the relevance and effectiveness of our offerings

From manufacturing to FMCG, pharmaceuticals to Agritech, and Information technology, TGHC has revolutionized multiple industries. With comprehensive programs tailored to each sector, we have empowered unionized workforces, enhanced employee well-being nationwide, transformed the pharmaceutical landscape, and nurtured the health of agricultural professionals. Experience the unparalleled impact of our initiatives, setting new standards across diverse sectors.

Case Studies
At the Grocery Shop


Revolutionizing FMCG through online and onsite services for pan India locations

Our Health and Wellness initiatives have left an indelible mark in the industry. We reached employees nationwide, ensuring their well-being through a comprehensive program. Our unique approach combined online and offline channels to deliver impactful solutions. Experience the transformative effects of our initiatives, fostering a healthier and more productive workforce, and establishing our position as a game-changer in the FMCG sector.


Empowering Manufacturing through onsite services in vernacular for unionized employees

TGHC'S game-changing impact in the industry is unmatched. We transformed the lives of unionized workers by offering comprehensive programs tailored to their needs. By delivering these initiatives in the local language, we ensured every worker understood the importance of well-being. Witness the extraordinary outcomes of our inclusive approach, revolutionizing the manufacturing landscape.

Car-making factory
Sorting Medicine


Transforming Pharma: Revolutionizing Wellness for Employees Nationwide

TGHC has revolutionized the pharmaceutical sector with its impactful initiatives. We've successfully reached employees nationwide, including field sales resources and corporate staff, ensuring their well-being. Through a comprehensive program delivered via online and offline channels, we've created a culture of wellness and productivity. Witness the remarkable difference our solutions make, transforming the pharmaceutical landscape one employee at a time.

Information Technology

Elevating IT: Unleashing Wellness Potential with Our Innovative Mobile Application

TGHC has made waves in the industry, leaving a lasting impact. We've reached employees nationwide, including those working remotely, with our comprehensive program. Our unique mobile application has become the cornerstone of our success, empowering individuals to prioritize their well-being in the digital era. Discover the transformative influence of our initiatives, setting new standards in the IT sector.

Team Working in Glass Partitioned Office
Green Field


Cultivating Wellness: Empowering Agritech Professionals Nationwide

Our Health and Wellness efforts has made a profound impact in the sector. With a nationwide reach, including rural and semi-urban areas, our comprehensive program has transformed the lives of agricultural professionals. Experience the remarkable difference our initiatives make, fostering well-being and productivity in the Agritech landscape.

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