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TGHC Employers Happy Healthy Engaged Employees in a Meeting

Gain an unfair advantage

​Help your colleagues transform their health and deliver outperformance

Why should organizations focus on employee health?

Over 80% of adults in Indian companies, even at a young age, carry multiple chronic disease risks such as being obese or overweight, prediabetes or diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, musculoskeletal, women's or mental health conditions. Not only is your organization spending more on healthcare but your colleagues are also less productive at work.

Higher Productivity

Rising absenteeism, low energy and lack of focus due to poor metabolic health. High impact on organizational stewardship if senior executives have poor health

Talent attraction and retention

Prospective and existing employees prefer companies providing healthcare vs. just “sick” care. Healthy, engaged employees are the best ambassadors

Higher engagement

Key differentiator for high-performing employers due to higher pride, trust and commitment. Healthy employees are also catalysts for healthy communities

Cost efficiencies

Employee healthcare costs rising due to higher insurance premia or direct reimbursements. Acute complications caused by chronic conditions also acutely expensive


4.8/5 star overall member satisfaction

Our members from client organizations have rated us 4.8 stars out of 5 because of the quality of our coaches and healthcare experts, personalized plans, ease of implementation and eventually, quantifiable health outcomes. 95% of our members will refer us to their colleagues.

Empower your colleagues to take charge of their health 

Whether you are a large organization or a start-up, your employees will see health improvements in weeks while reducing medications such as Insulin. Here are what members get on the program:

Health Analysis by TGHC

Health Analysis

Complete metabolic health checkup through a curated battery of lab tests, detailed questionnaire and expert analysis

TGHC has mobile app and technology backend HiPAA compliant to monitor and coach members at scale

Technology Powered

Mobile App for members to view health progress, log biomarkers, meals, activity and get coaching and real-time insights read more...

Personalized Health Diet Nutrition Exercise Sleep Stress Management Plans

Personalised Plans

Individualized plans for meals, supplements, exercise and sleep management based on member preferences and health analysis

Community of like-minded peers to help each other with success stories

Curated Community

Private, supervised and opt-in community of like minded peers for insights, success stories, experiences and motivation.

Dedicated coach by TGHC for ongoing support and monitoring of members health progress and coordinating with their doctors

Dedicated Coach 

Unlimited remote health coaching, medication plan adherence, support for doctor visits and partner doctor referrals.

TGHC has positive psychology to make members defeat their diseases. We use root cause reversal mindset, awareness, positive reinforcements and counselling

Positive Psychology

For sustained behavior change through a reversal mindset, awareness, personalized and judgement free goal setting and reinforcement. 

Why should you partner with us on your employee health journey?

Our science, with your doctor, safely applies nutritional biochemistry, exercise, stress and sleep physiology, pharmacology and positive psychology. Not only does it help reverse or prevent metabolic disease but also aims to increase overall lifespan by avoiding other chronic diseases and enhance quality of life. Here’s why we are different

Focus on the root cause of metabolic syndrome diseases like diabetes, hypertension and obesity which is insulin resistance

Root cause focused

Focus on the root cause by addressing diet, exercise, stress and sleep with the member's doctor instead of just managing symptoms

Members make small incremental enjoyable changes to their diet and lifestyle

Lasting results with small changes

Small, enjoyable and phased changes instead of risky procedures such as surgery, long fasts, unrealistic exercises, alien foods or surgery

Member-centric with no conflicts 

Unique for each member at their own pace. No“batches”. No conflicts - no revenue from labs, pharma, glucometers, pre-packed meals

HiPAA compliant mobile app and technology to preserve members privacy

Tech-powered with built-in privacy

Continuous, remote care with curated content and tools for physician coordination. Privacy by design and no data sharing without consent

Science as our only guiding source, safe and fully aligned with health and medical guidelines

Safe and science-led. No gimmicks!

Aligned with relevant medical guidelines. No long fasts or fad diets. Superior outcomes with latest, peer-reviewed, evidence-based science

Affordable service for everyone who is struggling with metabolic syndrome
Affordable service for everyone who is struggling with metabolic syndrome

Affordable and value for money

Best-in-class Health coaching for all, unlike most new drugs or surgery which are often unaffordable and/or have side-effects

Here is what your colleagues will experience during the program

Employer Interaction with happy healthy and engaged employees
Employer TGHC Plans for happy healthy and engaged employees
Happy Employees who love their companies because of their health benefits
  • Sign up with their company email and mobile online

  • Answer a few quick questions online about their health baseline and diet and lifestyle preferences. Upload their latest lab report and prescription, if applicable

  • Start their health transformation journey

    • Do a call with one of our expert dedicated health coaches 

    • Get personalized plans on diet, exercise, stress and sleep

    • Track at-home biomarkers such as glucose, BP, weight, waist size and log meals and activity for your coach to monitor and course-correct

    • Chat or call with your coach

  • Conduct lab tests every 3-4 months to assess progress and continue seeing your doctor with support from the coach

  • Experience happy days and get back to your best health!

We make it simple and seamless for you to integrate us in your organization

Internal Marketing Toolkit

Whatever marketing and communications materials you need to launch and conduct this transformation, we can help you with our templates

Customised TGHC Employers Marketing toolkit for internal communication

Easy Employee Sign-up

Reporting Platform

Your colleagues will stay focused on their day job and not have to spend hours on signing up to or onboarding to see health benefits

We provide regular updates in your templates so you can monitor progress easily and stay focused on your other priorities

Sign Up for TGHC Employers Plan
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What are organizational leaders and experts saying about employee health 

Pradeep Kumar Employer happy with TGHC for his employees

"Being in the education industry for 30+ years, we know that the health of our colleagues is our greatest asset. Like the rest of society, our staff are also getting diseases like Diabetes and that affects their health and energy levels at work. This is even more serious during COVID. With TGHC, we have seen the benefits of their health coaching first hand and are happy to recommend them to other companies also - both for improving their health and for reducing healthcare costs"

Pradeep Kumar, Motilal Rastogi Institute of Management

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Breadth of our offering

India's only whole-person health platform

TGHC is India’s only whole-person health platform covering 10+ health goals from assessing health baseline through onsite health camps to online doctor consultations across 15+ specialties, fitness coaching, chronic disease reversal, ergonomics and physiotherapy, women’s health, digestive health and mental health counselling - all with just one employee wellbeing partner