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Driven by impact. Guided by science 

We are using first principles problem-solving to reinvent healthcare

We founded TGHC to make healthcare work for all

"Recall the face of the poorest and the weakest person whom you may have seen, and ask yourself, if the step you contemplate is going to be of any use to him / her"

Gandhiji’s Talisman

Over 40% of adults suffer from lifestyle related health conditions such as stress or anxiety, burnout, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterols or PCOS. Left undiagnosed or uncontrolled, these conditions can lead to clinical depression, heart attacks, strokes, kidney failure, vision loss, amputations, nerve, cognitive and sexual disorders. These diseases also cause severe economic burden pushing millions into poverty every year.



Freedom from chronic lifestyle conditions



Help members transform their health through safe, science-led and tech-powered health coaching and physician coordination

This problem has grown 3X over the last 20 years because of our changing lifestyle, eating patterns from traditional foods to sugary, refined foods at all hours and sedentary, stressful lifestyles. The scale of this crisis will double in the next 15 years as per projections from the international medical organizations

At TGHC - The Good Health Clinic, we help members address the root cause of these diseases - our current lifestyle. They address this by adopting positive psychology and safe and science-led meal, exercise, stress and sleep plans. We aim to reverse the root cause, not just the symptoms. We also work with our members’ doctors as they modify prescriptions given improving biomarkers and higher prescription adherence.



Root cause reversal


Safe and sustainable 



How It All Started 





A Personal Quest 

TGHC Founder & CEO, Kamal Parida, realizes that his parents need to make drastic changes to their health and lifestyle to beat their Diabetes, hypertension and several emerging complications. They work with a doctor, make changes to their diet, exercise and sleep to reverse their diabetes, lose weight and stop their insulin injections

A Year of Exploration

Kamal immerses himself in the science of metabolic disease through conversations with specialists in India, UK, US and Singapore. He reads 5 books and over 200 research papers to sharpen the playbook for attacking the root cause of metabolic disease with a multifactorial approach

COVID as Catalyst for Change

15 pioneers during the peak of COVID crisis sign up to a pilot program run by Khushboo Pathak, a health coach and Certified Diabetes Educator. These pioneers straddle the spectrum from just wanting to lose weight to serious acute complications linked to decades of uncontrolled diabetes

TGHC goes live

Encouraged by the stunning health outcomes from the pilot program, Kamal decides to move on from his corporate job, teams up with friends and takes the full-time plunge into healthcare. Sneha joins the team and Khushboo continues to coach members. TGHC app is developed and progressive employers come onboard


Million members turn the tide of metabolic disease

Help us write the next chapter by signing up with us and taking charge of your and your colleagues’ health. If you are a doctor or insurance plan, consider partnering with us to join this revolution

Meet The Team

We are just like you! We care about our health and that of our families

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Kamal Parida 

17 years working with McKinsey, Mastercard, ITC in London, Dubai and India respectively. Passionate about transforming the healthcare spectrum globally using technology and latest science. Led Mastercard MEA services with 40X growth; Consulted leading organizations on strategy and transformation at McKinsey. MBA, Dean’s List from INSEAD, B.Tech IIT Kharagpur, Exec education from MIT Sloan, USA


Joel Jacob

Over a decade of  experience with Corporate and Startup ecosystem across multiple roles in Sales, Marketing, Project Management and Product. 10+ years with ITC Limited, India - led ITC's B2B efforts across International and Indian markets; Co-Founded a Social Commerce Startup, LEO Shopping, India. PG in Branding & Marketing, MICA; B.Tech RV College of Engineering, Bangalore, India.

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Suraj Partani

Graduate from BITS - Pilani in 2019. He is a hustler and has experience working with product-based startups. He is very enthusiastic about working in the health care sector. He has expertise in IoT and health care devices.

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Sneha Siddhaarth

5+ years of experience as  a people interaction and  HR professional in recruitment and employee engagement. NLP practitioner certified by NLP India, pursuing the iGCBT certified practitioner training. MBA in HR from NMIMS, Mumbai and Masters in Management from Mumbai university. Word on the street is that she has excellent listening and cooking skills 

Meet our expert panel of medical advisors

Our doctor advisors are proven leaders in endocrinology and related fields of medicine and believe in our mission of democratising safe and science-led coaching

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Dr. Priyanka Mahajan


Dr Manish Bansal (2)_edited_edited.jpg

Dr. Manish Bansal 


Dr. Vijay k bharadwaj.jfif

Dr. Vijay K Bharadwaj



Dr. Yaswanth Pokala

Physiotherapy Expert

Consultant Psychiatrist with 10+ years of experience in Punjab and Mumbai (Maharashtra). DNB from Masina Hospital, Mumbai. MRCPysch from Royal College of Psychiatry, UK

Recognized leader with 20 years of experience in early detection, reversal, and management of ASCVD and other cardiac disorders. Peer-reviewer for leading journals and on the editorial board of Indian Heart Journal and others. Illustrious academic career at premier institutes in India and abroad such as AIIMS with several gold medals and recognitions to his credit

16+ years of experience practicing nephrology across multiple hospitals and teaching institutions in Hyderabad and Bangalore; specialized in CKD, dialysis, renal biopsy and kidney transplants

Has over 8 years of clinical experience  & worked with eminent organizations, hospitals, Sporting associations. Certified in Dry needling & Kinesio taping practitioner. Post-surgery rehabilitation, treating injuries, non-surgical management of Partial tears/ruptures of Ligaments & back pain, design early recovery protocols for Post-operative procedures of Knee & Shoulder are areas of expertise.

Meet our passionate and empathetic health coaches

Our health coaches are registered dietitians with clinical experience and are internally trained on curriculum curated from leading global universities

Pooja Murjani.jpg

Pooja Murjani

Senior Health Coach, CDE


Amritha Shankar

Senior Health Coach, CDE

Khushboo Pathak.webp

Khushboo Pathak

Senior Health Coach, CDE

Nutrition Research Enthusiast with Majors in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics from SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai. Clinical Nutritionist & Certified Diabetes Educator with Healthcare Setups across multiple dimensions like Nutrition Consultation, Planning & Management. She is also visiting faculty with SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai for post graduate students and a fellow at the Foundation of Healthcare Technologies Society, Delhi on research & development.

Clinical dietician and Nutritionist with a proven track record of helping clients  achieve their nutrition and health goals by assessing their needs and developing personalized meal plans for the last 11 years. Masters’ in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics from PSG College, India. Published articles and blogs for Gulf News and other Journals. Given Health talks on TV and Radio in the Middle East and also a Regular Speaker for many health workshops.

Founder, NutriART Nutrition Clinic to improve health through Medical Nutrition Therapy. Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator practicing since 2013. Worked with leading endocrinologists at Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai India. Has extensive experience coaching patients with Type 1, Type 2 Diabetes, Predaibetes, Hypertension, Obesity and High Cholesterol. Led the initial TGHC pilot with 40 participants



Yoga & Meditation Expert

Trained in nutrition science and expert in yoga and meditation techniques, especially for helping people reverse chronic health conditions. Regularly conducts weekend yoga and meditation sessions for TGHC members and her sessions are well liked by participants because of their simplicity and ease of doing at home. She is also studying cinematography and working on a documentary on plant-based foods and their benefits.

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TGHC's feature-rich app

Whole-person health in your pocket

TGHC’s app is whole-person health at your fingertips – your employees can organize health check ups, speak with their coach, design their own meal plans, track their meals and activity, access mind health tools, integrate wearables, set reminders and weekly goals, earn H+ points and participate in team challenges. Phew!

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