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30-day Healthy Aging Challenge

Conquer your health goals for less than the price of a movie night

 Starts: Aug 30, 2023

Early Bird Discount: 25% Off!

Rs 499 Only + Taxes

What is the 30-Day Age Reversal Challenge?

This 30-Day Age Reversal Challenge is jointly created by Right Shift and TGHC to slow down biological aging and transform overall health through cutting-edge, evidence-based science. Foods Right Shift is a new brand doing xyz. TGHC - The Good Health Clinic is India's only whole-person health program targeting all common chronic conditions, including mental health. TGHC's health outcomes such as weight loss, reduction in glucose and BP levels while also lowering medications are globally best-in-class and are published in international journals.

Best-in-class, published health outcomes from TGHC

Our science, with your doctor, safely applies nutritional biochemistry, exercise, stress and sleep physiology, and positive psychology. Not only does it help reverse or prevent chronic conditions but also aims to improve vitality and slow down ageing and enhance overall quality of life. Here are some of TGHC's members' self-reported outcomes:

Waiting Room



Satisfaction rating from our members


Points lower Hba1c (from 8.1% to 6.5%)


Lower weight and waist size, on average


Lower Systolic Blood Pressure, on average

Waiting Room


Of active members have improved energy levels


With gut health issues have improved symptoms


Of active members have adopted mindful eating


Of active members have lowered medications

What are TGHC members saying?

HbA1c reduced from 9 to 6.9. Lost 24 kg weight and 10 inches in waist. Better sleep quality. Started doing Yoga every day. Cut insulin injections by half. Eliminated episodes of hypoglycaemia. Reduced bad cholesterols by 40%. Brain fog gone! Lost weight and reduced waist circumference in a matter of weeks. Improved digestion. Reduced sugar cravings.

These are just some of the success stories from TGHC members. We look forward to hearing yours soon.


"With TGHC's personalized coaching, I lost 9.3 kg and also reduced my waist size. Now, I'm at my Ideal body weight without any medications, solely through diet and exercise. My triglycerides dropped from 227 to 159 and my VLDL cholesterol came down from 45 to 32. My total cholesterol has fallen by 15%"


30 Years Age, Zetwerk

Who is this program for?

This program will benefit anyone who wants to transform their overall health and wellbeing with some simple, yet safe and science-led actions. The program is packed with all the knowledge and community motivation you need to achieve behaviour change and health outcomes. If you have any health risks such as having excess body fat, being obese or overweight, poor sleep and energy levels, poor digestion or immunity, etc. then this program will equip you with the tools and knowledge to reverse those risks. You will also benefit if you have any chronic conditions such as Diabetes, Hypertension, High Cholesterols, etc. but please be sure to check with your doctor before you start.


100% online program for busy professionals


Simple and easy to plan activities at home


Nutrition, exercise and community for golden years 


Best time to build healthy behaviours in young minds


Invaluable knowledge for lifelong health

What’s included in this program?

This is a condensed, 30-day program for individuals who are motivated to achieve fast results. The 30 days are split in 4 modules covering nutrition, exercise, sleep and emotional health. The program starts on day 1 with online health assessment to create accurate health baselines and ends with an online celebration. Every day begins with an online session at 8 am facilitated by a live coach and with recorded topical content. Participants then stay engaged during the day on prescribed actions for the day through a whatsapp community. Their engagement wins them rewards!


Our online, science-backed health risks assessments cover all health goals and conditions


45-min group coaching at 8 am everyday led by a TGHC coach, including recorded content


Daily prescribed actions for participants to practice at home and update on whatsapp


Latest science packed in the form of short videos, blogs, e-books and infographics to keep


Kindred spirits all in this together for inspiration and sharing successes with, to keep


Points and leader boards every day based on actions and engagement for finale rewards

10 reasons why you should join

Our expert coaches, doctors and mind health experts have applied the latest in nutritional biochemistry, exercise, stress and sleep physiology to create this program. Not only should this program help in achieving your health goals and enhance your quality of life, it can also lower medications and costs. Here are 10 reasons why we think you should join:

20220722 What does the program have_edited.png

Breadth of health goals

India's only whole-person health program

This is India’s only whole-person health program covering 10+ health goals from chronic health conditions, weight loss, fitness and ergonomics to women’s health, digestive health and emotional health improvement - all with just one online program.

Depth of our expertise

Dedicated and internally trained health experts

TGHC's international team of 50+ doctors, health coaches, fitness experts, psychologists, physiotherapists, ergonomics, fitness, yoga and meditation experts deliver the best of global healthcare. Our health coaches are internally trained rigorously on curriculum from leading global universities.

Employee Engagement.jpg

Designed for engagement

Surround sound engagement

TGHC's surround sound engagement through structured follow ups, online activities and content, points for rewards, competitions and challenges can all promote higher engagement than other programs.

Quantified health outcomes

Best in class health outcomes across health goals

80% of TGHC members see health improvements such as lower weight, improved metabolism, lower medications, improved mood and energy levels and better digestion in just 3 months. TGHC outcomes are published at international journals and conferences.

Great health outcomes.jpg
Person looking at a river.jpg

Guidance for personalized plans 

Individual plans and customized pathways

One size fits all does not work for anyone. TGHC’s coaches empower individual participants to deign their own personalized plans. These include the right meal, exercise, stress and sleep plans based on what they prefer and need.

Safe and science-led

No gimmicks, fad diets, fasting or crazy exercises

Our curriculum is strictly as per medical association guidelines. We do not practice or recommend anything that is not in accordance with established medical association guidelines. Our medical advisory board comprising of senior doctors ensures all our recommendations are safe and science-led. Our health coaches and other experts are certified and licensed.

Doctor's Appointment
Whatsapp and other mobile apps for community.jpg

100% Online

Whole-person health in your pocket

Your whatsapp group will be whole-person health at your fingertips – you can assess your health baseline, communicate with your group coach, design your own meal plans, track your meals and activity, share stories, earn points and participate in team challenges.

Inspired community

Because together we are stronger

Online-only programs inevitably suffer from low engagement levels. That’s why this program brings in community features on the whatsapp group to inspire each other. Our community challenges, points and leader boards also promote some healthy competitive spirit.

Online community to celebrate health successes

Challenges & rewards

Wellbeing rewarded!

You can earn points every day based on your performance on prescribed actions and engagement. These points will be updated daily on the leader boards shared on the group and will count towards multiple prizes at the end.

Amazing value for money

Health & wellbeing for less than a family pizza!

Our program starts at Rs. 499 + taxes only and is phenomenal value because we provide all the knowledge, guidance and online tools under one umbrella. You will also get ITC Right Shift healthy range of products and TGHC services such as diagnostics, health coaching and counselling at discounts or as prizes.

HR budget.jpg

Important things to note

Starts on Aug 30, 2023

The program starts on Sep 1, 2023 and will run for 30 days, including Sundays. Every morning, there will be a group coaching and/or activity session at 8 am led by a TGHC coach.

30 day program calendar

Early Bird Discounted Fee

100% Online Program

This program starts at Rs. 499 + tax only, for the first 100 participants. The fee will become Rs. 699 + tax thereafter. Once booked, there are no full or partial refunds.

After the morning session, the program will run on the whatsapp group throughout the day where participants will engage in daily actions and Q&A, get content and points.

Early bird discount
whatsapp based program
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