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Unleash your potential

Fix chronic, lifestyle health conditions and get back to what drives your passion

Proven health outcomes while reducing medications in a matter of weeks

5% lower weight & waist size

Our members lowered their weight and waist size by 5% on average. Members on weight loss program lost 10% or higher without calorie-counting or fasting

20% reduction in cholesterols

Our members lowered their total cholesterols and triglycerides by 22% and 21%, respectively. Cholesterols are a significant risk factor for heart attacks.

10% reduction in systolic BP

Members on TGHC's Hypertension program lowered their systolic blood pressure to within normal range (under 120 mm Hg) from stage 1 or higher.

1.6% points lower Hba1c

Members on our Diabetes program lowered their Hba1c, fasting and post meal glucose by 1.5% points, 22% and 24%, respectively, eating to satiety.

Better mood and energy levels

All TGHC members, including on mind health consultations receive holistic coaching and register improvement in mood, energy levels and sleep in weeks

50% reduction in medications

All our members see reduction in medications including insulin injections, BP medications, anti-anxiety and antidepressant medications.

How do we deliver superior outcomes

Our science, with your doctor, safely applies nutritional biochemistry, exercise, stress and sleep physiology, pharmacology and positive psychology. Not only does it help reverse or prevent metabolic disease but also aims to increase overall lifespan by avoiding other chronic diseases and enhance quality of life. Here’s why we are different

Focus on the root cause of metabolic syndrome diseases like diabetes, hypertension and obesity which is insulin resistance

Root cause focused

Focus on the root cause by addressing diet, exercise, stress and sleep with the me