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Vadiraj Kulkarni

48 Yrs., Divisional CEO, ITC Limited

"With TGHC's personalized coaching, I lost 6 kg. Through the personalized coaching program, my Hba1c has also gone down to safe levels and my LDL cholesterol levels are lower by 20%."

Vadiraj's Success Story

Last 6 months have been a useful journey of change and health outcomes with TGHC. Thanks to the guidance and support of my dedicated coach, Pooja, I have achieved significant improvements in my health and well-being. My primary goal was to improve my fitness, and with TGHC's personalized coaching, I lost 6 kg ( also aided by my intensified fitness regimen. Through the personalized coaching program, my Hba1c levels dropped to safe levels. Additionally, TGHC's guidance helped me lower my LDL cholesterol levels by 20%. This shift has given me reassurance that I am on the right path and motivated me to continue leading a heart-healthy lifestyle. And yes, the periodic nudge by the coach helped me sustain the revised diet plan.. 


One aspect of TGHC that truly sets it apart is the personalized meal plans. I was very happy to discover that the meal plans provided by Pooja were entirely tailored to my preferences and existing dietary habits. Unlike previous programs I had tried, I didn't have to compromise on the foods I enjoyed or force myself to eat foods that I don’t like. This made the entire journey enjoyable and sustainable for me.


I cannot thank TGHC and Pooja enough for their personalized approach, unwavering support, and the  results I have achieved. I highly recommend TGHC's coaching program to anyone looking to make positive changes in their health and wellbeing.

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