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Sai Kumar

67 Years, Retired Professional

Reduced HbA1c from 9 to 6.9 and lowered the dosage of insulin injections by 50% in just 3 months of being with us

My Story

I am R. Saikumar. My health is generally good. My weight and waist size are within the acceptable range. Last year, my HbA1c shot up to 9 and 9.5, which caused a concern. Further, I am a heart patient and underwent angioplasty in 2006. My son-in-law introduced me to his friend who runs The Good Health Clinic, who are in the business of online diabetes program.

Accordingly, a dedicated dietician, Miss Khushboo Pathak was allotted to me who is a certified diabetes educator. As per her directions, she giving me the schedule of food intake and monitoring sugar levels at different times of the day during the three months period, I am very happy to say that my HbA1c has come down to 6.9 which is within the acceptable range.


My post lunch glucose which was within the range of 322 mg/dL has come down to 200 mg/dL, marked improvement in my system. I suggest that all diabetic and pre-diabetic people take advantage of this and join TGHC. I am not going to stop here; my aim is to reduce my HbA1c level and bring it down to 6.5 and below, so that I lead a healthy and happy life. Thank you!

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