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39 Years, Banking Professional

Lowered HbA1c to 6.1 from 6.6  and glucose levels by 25% in just 5 weeks. Reduced medications with the help of our medical advisory team

My Story

Hi! I am Rajanikanth. When TGHC found out that I was prediabetic, they immediately got me to sign up to their Diabetes coaching program. First thing they insisted on was to do a comprehensive health check-up. The tests revealed that my HbA1c had gone up to 6.6 and also my Vitamin D levels were pretty low.  Miss Khushboo, who is my coach helped me with a tailored diet plan which was practical for me given my busy work schedule. 

She also advised on exercise and various workout activities. Earlier I was only walking in the evening for 30-45 minutes but now I also play badminton. This schedule followed for 2 months and post that I got my test done again. This time my HbA1c has come down to 6.1 which means I am below the diabetic threshold. I have to take it down further to below the prediabetic threshold and also without the medications. If you are a diabetic or a prediabetic or struggling to lose weight, then don’t overthink it! Right away, sign up with The Good Health Clinic, they will guide you and help you to achieve your goal. The earlier you start, the faster you’ll reverse your condition. 

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