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35 Years, Banking Professional

Detected his hypothyroidism and started corrective medications. Reduced weight by 5% and waist size by 8%.

My Story

To my surprise in the last 1-1.5 years, I had put on almost 10-12 kgs. of weight and few inches around my waist and I had attributed this to more sedentary lifestyle and work-related stress. I could not have been more wrong. It really started concerning my weight again, my inches, my energy in the morning, my brain fog in the morning. I got a chance to discuss this with Kamal, who runs The Good Health Clinic and within a few interactions, he was able to lay down a very structured, regimented plan that ensured that I got the space to do or eat what I was used to eating and did a particular amount workout which was aligned with the availability of my time window so I could do the recommended exercises well. 

My life could not have been more impacted because just looking back – Dec 2020 when I was upwards of 92.5 kg of weight and my waist size was more than 42.5 inches and he immediately recommended that I get a blood profile done and I was as surprised as he was that I had not one, two but three different health issues, which was – prediabetes, high cholesterol and hyperthyroidism and he immediately recommended that I speak with the internal endocrinologist and he in turn ensured that I was put on a medicine and a recovery plan that worked very synergistically with the dietician to ensure that I got the right kinds of food.

I was getting the right kind of exercise, the right kind of lifestyle which was in line with the work life that I was managing at the point in time and I have been with them for over 3, 3.5 months and I have been getting phenomenal results – today I weigh around 87 kg. and my waist size is around 37 inches.

I have been getting feedback from my wife that I look healthier than before. I don’t have that brain fog in the morning. I look forward to things. I wake up and I have more energy and I have the drive to go complete my tasks for the day. I have the motivation to go to the gym or get few kilometers via jog/evening walk. I still have energy to record and share my videos with you guys.

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