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65 Years,  Management College Director

Reduced HbA1c to 7.7 from 10 and lowered medication, insulin dosage, overall cholesterol, Non-HDL cholesterol in just 3 months

My Story

My name is Neha and I was very concerned about my mom’s health. My mom has been a Type 2 diabetic for several years and has been on several medications, off late including insulin. Despite that, her glucose levels were fluctuating wildly and she had started developing several complications. Living in United States, I was concerned about my mother who is in India and this COVID situation isn’t helping either. That’s when I came across The Good Health Clinic. They got us a dedicated coach Khushboo who went through my mother’s lab reports, her prescription and then designed a meal plan which could work with my mom’s busy professional schedule.


She managed her through every meal making sure my mom takes pictures of the meals, she controlled the potions. She took every reading and maintained logs of the readings. With their right coaching and my mother’s discipline, we are seeing significant improvements. Her glucose levels have stabilized and have come down a lot, her HbA1c is down to 7.7 from 10 in less than 3 months and she has already started reducing her medications. Even her cholesterol levels are down. Our next goal is to bring her HbA1c to under 6.5. This has only been possible due to TGHC. I tried so many doctors, so many dieticians before this. They are making some magic happen and I would strongly encourage you try. 

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