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H+ Points


Health Plus (H+) points:

Health Plus (H+) points are designed to reward your efforts towards transforming your health and happiness. Higher H+ points reflect higher commitment and consistency towards making a positive impact in your life. Every activity done as per plan or challenge gives 2 points: meals, exercise, sleep, water, glucose reading, BP reading, weight, waist circumference, meditation and mood scores, and medication adherence. Everyone starts with 100 points.

Max input points per activity per day: 

14 points from meals (3 meals + 2 snacks + pre-B/F + pre-bedtime drink/supplements)

6 points from exercise (3 times of walks, ladder climbing, gym, etc.)

2 points for sleep (2 points for timing and duration) 

2 points for sunlight exposure of 5 mins after waking up)

2 points for water intake, 

2 points for meditation

2 points for meds. 

Max points won per day: 30 H+ points

Additional biomarker points: 2 points each for measuring and entering your glucose, BP, weight and waist


circumference readings – only as per the plan made by the coach

Referral bonus: Every time you refer a new member who joins as a paid member, you get 1000 H+ points!  


Motivate your friends: Every time your referred member hits 1000 points, you get 100 H+ points


Honor code: 

“We are all adults, and we are being honest while logging values”. Plus, it’ll be suspect without correlating outcomes

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