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61 Years, Retired Professional

Reduced HbA1c to 5.5 (which is under Prediabetes threshold) from 6 and post meal glucose to 100 from 117 in 3 months

My Story

My name is Gopalakrishnan Natarajan and I am a retired professional living in Bangalore. I have been prediabetic for a few years and was looking for online coaching because my blood glucose levels were increasing and during COVID, I wanted to keep them in range. My fasting glucose had become 120 and my post meal glucose was 150.


When I signed up to The Good Health Clinic, they first got me to do my lab tests and then my health coaching started. My coach helped me with a practical diet plan. She also helped with how to increase my exercise levels. This program was most beneficial to me especially during Covid when the utmost priority is to stay healthy and safe.


My fasting and post meal glucose levels have come down to 100 and 117 now which are within the range. My hba1c came down from 6 to 5.5 meaning I am no longer pre-diabetic. I wish to thank The Good Health Clinic, Kamal and Khushboo; honestly, I enjoyed working on this program and also doing my disciplined walking and exercising schedules every day. I reduced weight and waist size apart from reducing my blood glucose levels. I am very happy and I will continue to follow my diet schedule in order to maintain good health.

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