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Anoop Kelath

51 Yrs., Logistics Operations

"In just 4 months with TGHC, my blood pressure has become absolutely normal. I have reversed my prediabetes, lost 15 kg weight and 5 in of waist. My cholesterols have also come down."

Anoop's Story

My name is Anoop Kelath and I am a technology professional. When I joined the TGHC program, I was dealing with Obesity, Pre-diabetes, Hypertension and Dyslipidemia. I was on medications for a long time for these conditions. I had tried multiple ways of controlling these but I couldn’t find any cure to my issues. And my major issue was eating from outside as I stay alone and get frequent hunger pangs. 


When my TGHC program started, my health coach - Amritha, understood my diet and lifestyle preferences and my working patterns. She helped me with a personalized health plan which allowed me to stay on track. My coaches – Amritha & Zeenat encouraged me to start cooking and having healthy meals and helped me with easy to make dishes which eventually led me to enjoy the cooking process as a part of adapting into a healthier lifestyle. They also continued to follow up with me , made corrections and changes regarding the quality and quantity of food and made sure that I’m on track with their constant support and motivation throughout the program.


After 4 months on the program, I have already lost 15 Kgs from 92 to 77 kg and 5 inches in waist size from 43 to 38 inches. I have successfully reversed my Pre-diabetes – my Hba1c went down from 6.2 to 5.4. My blood pressure readings have become absolutely normal and my doctor has completely stopped my hypertension medications and he also reduced my statins because my lipid levels have also come down. My energy levels are much higher and I feel better. I no longer have frequent hunger pangs.


I just have to follow some small steps as advised by my health coach Amritha and this has completely transformed my health. TGHC really helped me to discipline my life, gave me the right schedule and has cut down my long-term health risks. I plan to continue on this path to improve my health further.

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