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39 Yrs., Scientist

“I was on statins and anti-depressives. I was also having acidity, bloating and sleep issues. I have now lost 5 kg, stopped my statins and my energy levels and sleep have improved”

My Story

My name is Shibendu Das and I am a Scientist. When I joined the TGHC program, I was dealing with Obesity & Dsylipidemia. I was also on Statin therapy and was taking medications for Anti depressant. When my TGHC program started, my coach understood my diet and lifestyle preferences along with my working pattern and helped me with a personalized health plan which allowed me to stay on plan despite my very busy work schedule. My coaches - Pooja & Sarvat and the team continued to follow up with me even during very busy times and made sure that I’m on track with their constant support and motivation throughout the program. 


Within these 3 months of my journey with TGHC, I lost 5 kgs, totally got rid of the antidepressant tab, and improved on my energy levels and sleeping pattern. My Acidity and bloating issues have been resolved and I got back in my old clothes 


They really helped me to transform my life, give me the right schedule and the first foremost change that I have achieved by doing this programme. The best part is I don’t need to do anything fancy, I don’t need to buy expensive products and don’t even need to do anything out of the ordinary. I just need to follow small steps as advised by my Health coach and this has completely transformed the way I work, I exercise or I just consume my meals. The routine we follow or food we eat have a long lasting impact and nothing is impossible if you have that determination and willingness to actually take care of our health. 

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