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T. Abhilash

30 Yrs., Zetwerk

"With TGHC's personalized coaching, I lost 9.3 kg and also reduced my waist size. My triglycerides dropped from 227 to 159 and my VLDL cholesterol came down from 45 to 32. My total cholesterol has fallen by 15% in just 3 months"

Abhilash' Success Story

Hello everyone, my name is Abhilash and I am currently working at Zetwerk. Upon joining the TGHC program, I underwent a comprehensive set of health tests that made me aware of some concerning health markers i.e high Lipoprotein A, borderline lipoprotein B and abnormal lipid profile which placed me at a high risk of cardiovascular disease. These health tests provided me with valuable insights and raised my awareness about my health status.


I consulted a doctor from TGHC who explained how important it is for me to lose weight and improve my diet and lifestyle. After that, my health coach Fatima customized a tailored health plan that matched my specific diet and lifestyle preferences, as well as my hectic work schedule. Fatima's expertise, empathy, and encouragement played a vital role in achieving my health goals. Regular follow-ups by her also proved to be very helpful. Moreover, the team provided easy snacking and lunch options, especially when I had to carry my meals with me to work.


I am happy & thrilled to report that within 3 months of being on the TGHC program, I have achieved remarkable results. I have shed 9.3kgs along with waist size reduction, in 3 just months and now I'm at my ideal body weight without any medications, solely through diet and exercise. My lipid parameters have shown significant improvement, with my cholesterol down from 234 to 204, triglycerides dropping from 227 to 159, non-HDL-c from 198 to 166 and VLDL reducing from 45.4 to

32. Consequently, I have effectively reduced my risk of heart attacks and strokes. I am determined to continue my journey towards optimal health.


For those of you considering enrolling in the TGHC's Health Journey, I strongly encourage you to take the first step towards better health. It's never too late to prioritize your well-being and make positive changes that will significantly impact your life. With the support of qualified healthcare professionals at TGHC, you can set achievable goals, develop a personalized plan, and make progress towards a healthier, happier life.


So don't hesitate, take that first step towards better health today!


Thanks Coach Fatima. Thank you TGHC!

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