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33 Yrs., Marketing Professional

Now on the TGHC program, I am feeling so energetic that I can take charge of my own life. In just one month, I have lost 5 kg which is simply amazing. Best part is I just have to follow small steps

My Story

In just the last one and half months my thoughts and opinions have been completely changed by 'The Good Health Clinic' team. They really helped me to discipline my life, give me the right schedule and the first foremost change that I have achieved by doing this programme was feeling energetic enough to take charge of my health. Before joining this programme I used to come back from the office, do my work and used to lie down on my bed, order food and ruin my health further. I always thought that since I'm so weak how will I be able to workout, how will I be able to pursue a routine. But it's all changed! It changed in just only one month. I feel way more energetic and effective. Now I feel that I can actually take control of my own health in my own hands which seemed practically impossible. Just by disciplining our routine, by taking small steps and focusing on the root cause of all the evils we can do a lot with our health.


I must mention that being overweight due to PCOS it seems completely impossible to me that I can lose 5 kg weight in just one month. Yes, I have miles to go but 5 kgs in one month just because of The Good Health Clinic programme was outstanding and I never thought that I could do that. The best part is I don't need to do anything fancy, I don't need to buy expensive products and don't even need to do anything out of the box. I just need to follow small steps as advised by my health coach Amritha Sankar and this has completely transformed the way I work, I exercise or I just consume my meals. The routine we follow or food we eat have a long lasting impact and nothing is impossible if you have that determination and willingness to actually take care of your health. Being a working person it was very difficult for me to adhere to routine but now possible with the help of The Good Health Clinic.

Sonal Photo.jpg
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